HI...I'm David...and I'm a workaholic.

When Alli and I went through this list, I checked off almost every box and realized, for the first time, that I really was workaholic.

I never thought I would actually say or admit that. I always thought "workaholics" were people that worked all the time because they either wanted to make more and more money or they just had no interest in anything else other than work.

But that is not the case. Now that I know I am one, I know that those are not the only reasons why people become "workaholics". Job satisfaction and a person's home life are just a couple of other examples of why. There can be many reasons and sometimes it's a few things combined.

For me, it's because I REALLY like what I do. And given what I do, that's not surprising.  I also want to succeed and I enjoy the feeling of knowing that I can impact someone's life in a positive way.

Now you might say that succeeding is the same as making more money but it's not. Yes, you can get a raise because your successful, and that's not a bad thing. But I'm talking about the satisfaction of doing a good job and seeing a positive result of that, regardless of money.

Then there's the "positive impact" part. As with any good deed you might do for a person, it makes me feel good knowing I helped someone. And it can be anything from answering their question about a song that they heard but don't know the name of it...to listening to someone that just needs to talk and they need to know that there's someone else hearing what they're saying. Even if it's just for a few minutes.

So, if those things make me a workaholic, I won't feel too guilty about it.

Now there is a huge issue for any workaholic, and that is the BALANCE. That's the struggle. It's just like anything in life, if you do to much of it, it can tip the scales and make other aspects of your life imbalanced. You should always try to have balance.

Do you think you're a workaholic? Find out here.


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Disclaimer: Before you start sending me hate mail, please know that I'm not making light of AA meetings or anything like that. I have family that have had and currently have struggles. It was just a way to start this blog and I didn't mean to offend.

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