This past week, rock band Weezer released a greatly anticipated cover of Toto's "Africa."

While hard to best Toto's original, there's certainly no shortage of attempts. Take a look at some of the best (and worst) I found:

1. Toto x Peter Bence (Piano Cover)

I actually thought this cover was fantastic! The way Peter creates the sound of a full band with just the piano was incredible, and his piano skills are exceptional, too!

2. Leo Moracchioli feat. Rabea & Hannah) Metal Cover

You probably have to appreciate metal music to enjoy this at all. I personally thought it was done tastefully enough to find listen-able.

3. Big Marvel Chicken Cover

I mean, you can't help but just laugh at this one.

4. TG Lurgan (Gaelic/Irish Cover)

I actually enjoyed this one so much I went back and listened again. As someone completely unfamiliar with Gaelic, I found it really mesmerizing to listen to.

5. Doug & Cletus (Bluegrass Cover)

Like the chicken version, this one's certainly...unique.

What do you think -- enjoy any of these covers or is Toto's "Africa" one of those songs that will never be bested?