When Jim, our news reporter, mentioned this story this morning, I quickly shot him a puzzled look. Did I just hear what I think I heard? Yes, I did. South Dakota is running a anti-meth campaign that says "Meth, We're On It."

So I HAD to watch the video and I HAD to see how they were doing this. And when I watched the video...my jaw hit the floor.

A Minnesota company came up with this and a part of my brain thought that they, maybe, were messing with South Dakota a little bit.

I can just imagine how this went down in their meeting. Someone said "Hey, let's prank South Dakota with this"...but they had a real ad campaign ready to go. They handed them the "Meth, We're On It" proposal first and South Dakota surprised them with "we love it!." And they're like..."wait?...what?...seriously, we have the real proposal right here."

Kidding aside, I'm definitely for doing any awareness campaign about meth. It's a big problem in a lot of communities and certainly this campaign has got people talking. So maybe it's a good idea after all. We'll see.

But for some reason this just seems wrong and weird to me and I'm not the only one. This has made national news and social media and with mixed reaction.

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