The Minnesota sky-high challenge continues with our third "Spaced Out" quiz. Just like the last two times, we've posted satellite pics of popular or famous places in the state of Minnesota. You may have been to some of them.

Don't worry, we are not going to make you figure them out just based on a picture. We're giving you clues to help you out. Write down, or think, about your answers. After you're done, the answers are at the bottom.  Good luck!


Mystery Location #1

A place that might have things so bazaar,
You'll never find them, no matter where else you are.

David Black
David Black


Mystery Location #2

Up and down it goes.
So that other things can flow.

David Black
David Black


Mystery Location #3

You might go here on a whim
You might go because of sin

Google Maps
Google Maps

Let's see how you did?

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Spaced Out Answers

Mystery Location #1:

Answer: - Wright County Swappers Meet

We talked about it on the River morning show last week. It's the biggest in the state.

Mystery Location #2:

Answer:  Aerial Bridge in Duluth

Ships go under and cars go over. It is one of only a few of its kind constructed in North America.

Mystery Location #3:

Answer:  St. Paul Cathedral

This beautiful piece of architecture is unlike most churches. In that, it is not only a church, but a tourist destination. 

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