You might remember when 8-track tapes went out of style, then cassettes became non-existent. Now it's time for compact discs to die out and Best Buy is starting the trend. It's a sign of the times with music being delivered in a form that you can't feel or touch.

Billboard reported that Best Buy has warned music suppliers they plan to pull CD music from their shelves starting July 1st of this year, and expect this trend to follow with most big box retailers.

Target is expected to follow suit quickly. There hasn’t been any word from Walmart, but it’s certainly not going to be “if”, but rather “when”, as it’s inevitable.

With streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and Apple Music -- CD sales have been on the decline for the past decade, at only 1/10th of sales now, compared to the turn of the century. Vinyl is also a fad that's becoming popular again, with more artists releasing special vinyl versions of their new albums.

This isn’t anything that surprises me, as technology changes and forces old technology out. In the 80’s 8-track tapes started to die out with cassette tapes. In the 90’s cassette tapes started going away because of “digital” compact discs. Now it’s the CD’s turn to get replaced, except this time it’s by a technology that you don’t hold in your hand!

It’ll be interesting to see what ends up replacing mp3’s and streaming music in 10 to 20 years…it’ll happen, I promise you this.

It was pretty obvious that CD sales were diminishing a few years ago and this day would come:

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