A Central Minnesota man is set to make an appearance on a screen near you. Casey Feigh is a graduate of Apollo High School in St. Cloud, as well as St. John's University in St. Joseph. He is currently an actor, director, writer, and podcast host in Los Angeles.

As an actor Casey has appeared in For All Mankind, What We Do In The Shadows, Together Together, Sunnyside, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Movie Show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend & more.

Casey's most recent appearance is in a commercial for Allstate Insurance, staring alongside Dean Winters' popular character "Mayhem". This time, Mayhem is taking the form of a bag of fast food, distracting Casey from the road, causing a car accident. Check it out below:

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Casey's talents go far beyond playing "midwestern dumb guy" as his website states. He has co-created shows in the past, and written for NBC, Pop TV, Comedy Central, and Disney. Also his resume says he's "very good at basketball".

Get to know hometown actor Casey Feigh on his website, and keep your eyes peeled for his latest Allstate commercial as you watch TV.



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