Usually, I would write quite a few things here, but I'm not. I'm starting in reverse order. I think it's important to see the pictures first, which is, as the title suggests, a 2020 high school graduates' perspective. I hope you stick around for it.

The 2020 Tech High School Graduation


Handing out information to the graduates.

David Black


Everybody was waving and cheering

David Black



The last time that some of these graduates will see this.

David Black



Most of the staff and faculty were there to give support.

David Black



Cars split up into two groups to get the diploma's

David Black



Diploma Table

David Black



David Black



Finally! The finish line.

David Black



The last thing the graduates saw when they left.

David Black



A proud father.

David Black



I don't care if he's embarrassed.

David Black


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Now that you have seen the photos -- the following is the actual conversation that happened in the car after going through the Tech High School 'car parade' graduation ceremony.

Dad (Me): So how do you feel?

Son: No different

Dad: (chuckles) Not even a little?

Son: No, not really

Dad: No sense of accomplishment?

Son: (shrugs)

Mom: Not surprising. He's been out of school for so long that he kind of feels...meh.

Dad: Yeah. Good point. It's not like you've been going to school for these last couple of months.

Son: Yeah

Dad: It's almost like that slowwwww...down braking thing. Usually, the last couple of months of school is like this rush, rush...but this year, you didn't have that. But hey...12 years to get a 'car parade'.  (trying to lighten the mood)

Son: Right?

Mom: At least he got that. Some kids didn't even get that much.

Dad: They weren't even going to do this right?

Mom: I'm not sure, I think they were going to just email them out. I don't know...(pause)..they did what they could.

And what my wife said at the end is spot on. They did what they could.

Nobody as been through this before. Everyone is just playing this by ear. But one thing is for sure...we will learn, adjust, and grow from it. We will because we are human beings -- and it's what we have always done.

What bothers my son the most is that they were building a house for 'Habitat For Humanity', and they never got to finish it. All that work those kids put in, to have it just sit there.

That was the last thing he saw when we drove out of the parking lot of Tech High School. I could tell it bothered him.

I think that will be his enduring memory of his last year of high school.