ST. CLOUD -- Pothole season is in full swing here in Minnesota.

Brian Schoenecker is the Assistant Public Works Director for the city of St. Cloud. He says they have crews out repairing potholes on the busiest roads right now...

We're doing about 3-4 tons of a cold mix patch. That cold mix patch isn't as good as the stuff we get during the summertime from the local asphalt plants. So, you'll see holes re-form after a while with heavy traffic going over it. So then we have to go back out and re-patch them.

And, Schoenecker says we have a ways to go before things improve...

Unfortunately, it will get worse before it gets better. It'll start getting better when the frost leaves the ground and the ground thaws out. Then, those patches will hold better.

If you see a pothole in the city of St. Cloud, you can call the pothole hotline at (320) 650-2900 and leave a detailed location where crews should go. Or, you can send an email to the public works general mailbox with pothole details.

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Schoenecker says to be patient as road crews are booked 3-4 days out.

State highways like Highway 10, Highway 15, and Division Street are maintained by MnDOT. That phone number is (320) 223-6500.

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