The City of St. Cloud, Minnesota began as three cities: Upper, Lower and Middle towns, according to the city's website. The three were joined as one in 1856.

Located on the campus of St. Cloud State University, Barden Park is actually older than the city itself! In fact, the park was dedicated three years before Minnesota was even a state!

The park is just over two acres in size and features a granite bandstand that hosts concerts by the St. Cloud Municipal Band. The park is a popular place for photo-taking, weddings and birthday parties.

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According to the city's website, the park is noted for the architecture surrounding it:

The Barden Park Historic District is significant in St. Cloud because it contains a visual inventory of the residential architectural styles constructed in the city from the 1880s through 1945. The district contains examples of styles that are rare or well preserved and not found in other areas of the city. Both upper and middle class residences are represented in the district bordering the city’s oldest park.

According to the site, the oldest home is located at 819 4th Street South, built in 1882. The area includes Folk Victorian, American Four-Square, Neo-Classic and Tudor Revival style homes.

Do you and your family have memories at Barden Park? What is your favorite park in the St. Cloud area?

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