Tory V is a nurse and resident of St. Joe. She works as an LPN in Central Minnesota, while also finishing school for her RN. She knows first-hand what people in her industry are going through right now. Nurses work long hours, they see and smell some of the grossest things, oh and there is that little coronavirus thing going around.

Back in early May, she was invited to join a group on Facebook called The Giving Gals. A random group of Minnesota ladies whose sole purpose is to spread kindness and give to those that might need it.

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She joined right away. After seeing what that do, and with Nurses Appreciation Week coming up, Tory knew this was an excellent opportunity to give back to her fellow nurses.

So Tory started an Amazon Wish List page to send gift baskets to nurses on the front lines, starting with the ones at the Bethesda Unit at the U of M.

The requested items for the gift baskets include such things as gift cards for restaurants, lotion, snacks, chapstick, pens, etc. Just basic things but they go a long way.

Not surprisingly, The Giving Gals stepped up, and Tory has received many items on the list. But there is one particular item that she needs more of, and that is Tumbler Cups. They are special because Tory draws designs on them such as words of encouragement or inspiration. Things to make them extra special, instead of just a plain cup.

Once she gets these gift baskets done, she wants to keep it going and spread the kindness to other nurses across Minnesota. After Bethesda, she wants to move on to the St. Cloud Hospital. When she does, we will certainly let you know.

If you can and would like to help out, here is the Amazon Wish List link. Thanks to Tory and the ladies of The Giving Gals Facebook group. Keep spreading that kindness. If you would like to join their group, here’s the link for that.


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