ST. JOSEPH -- A fresh look is coming to a popular St. Joseph sandwich shop.

Bo Diddley's owner Lee Weisbrich says they plan to do both an interior and exterior remodel to the roughly 40-year-old building.

We're going to adding a new bathroom, kitchen equipment, counters, seating, windows the whole nine yards.

Weisbrich says he's been planning this remodel since he bought the business four years ago.

He says one of their key highlights of their renovations will be the addition of an outdoor patio.

We had some green space between us and Gary's Pizza and that's what we plan to turn into our outdoor patio area. I'm thinking we should be able to sit 20-30 people comfortably out there.

Weisbrich says they will remain open for a few more weeks as the exterior work is completed, but they will have to close by the end of the month to begin the interior work.

He says if you're craving one of their sandwiches, their St. Cloud location will remain open.

If all goes well they hope to reopen the St. Joseph location by the start of July.


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