If you were looking forward to donuts and plastic syringes at this year's Minnesota State Fair, you're out of luck.

Just weeks ago, the State Fair revealed its lineup of new foods for this year's Great Get Together, including doughnut holes with plastic syringes filled with Bavarian cream, chocolate custard and lingonberry jam to be served at The Hangar. The idea was that you filled your doughnut hole will the syringe and filling of your choice.

However, the vendor has chosen to pull the syringes following public backlash.

A Change.org petition called for the State Fair to disallow the Wingwalker Donut Flight and use of single-use plastic syringes.

"The waste generated (three syringes times thousands and thousands of orders) over the 10 day fair run is absurd," says the petition.

Furthermore, the petition insists that the image of syringes being "cool and containing treats" is "not one we should be wanting to promote."

"Filled donut holes sound like a fine idea," the petition concludes. "Fill them for us from a big dispenser that's not going to last centuries in the ocean or landfill."

As of writing, the online petition has garnered nearly 4k of the 5k signature goal, prompting the State Fair and The Hangar to pull the single-use plastic syringes and slightly adjust the original idea.

In a statement to Bring Me the News, they said that they would continue to offer the doughnut holes "in a compostable tray along with the three fillings, which will be placed in three compartments for dunking."

Look for The Hangar this year at the north end of the fair grounds.