There is a top 40 song by a Minnesota born artist that goes by the name Lizzo.  The song that is being referenced is called "Truth Hurts", and it has some Minnesota Vikings references in it.

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Since it's a popular song, top 40 stations around the country are playing it, obviously.  But, since one of these stations is WIXX, and is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, they have decided that no one there wants to hear any references to the rival Minnesota Vikings.  So, they edited it out.

Having worked for that company while I was living in Green Bay, I am familiar with the station, and their music director, Otis Day, who was interviewed by All Access and had this to say when asked about the edits to the song...

“We knew playing a song with multiple references to the MINNESOTA VIKINGS was not going to work on WIXX. Making the edits really makes sense for our audience. I’m pretty sure no radio station in MINNEAPOLIS would play a song that references the GREEN BAY PACKERS multiple times,” music director Otis Day explained to All Access Music.

So, if the situation was reversed, would we play this song in Minnesota if it had Packers references?

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