Neither of them come with a big old jet airliner, but after Steve Miller finalizes the sale of the two homes he has on the market, he'll definitely be able to take the money and run.

The New York Post reports that Miller recently listed his 13-acre estate in Ketchum, Idaho, which includes an 8,000-square-foot home as well as three "guest cottages" — each roughly 3,000 square feet — an "art barn," an "archive building," a 3,000-square-foot garage that includes a gym, and a 4,000-square-foot recording studio. Miller's asking $16 million for the property, which stands as the fifth most-expensive listing in the community.

As the article points out, Miller had the estate commissioned in 1987, and has been its sole owner since. "He had quite a long run here," the listing agent told the newspaper.

Miller's Ketchum compound marks the second home he's put on the market in the last couple of years. The Post reports that he also continues to try and sell a separate estate on San Juan Island in Washington — a 39-acre property with plenty of waterfront, hiking trails, a livestock pasture, and a main residence sprawling across nearly 11,700 square feet, all laid out with custom woodworking. That property has been on the market for roughly 18 months, and recently underwent a price cut.

Now that Miller's lopped $2 million off the asking price, it's available for only $14.8 million.

Steve Miller's Friday Harbor, Washington House for Sale

Steve Miller's Ketchum, Idaho House for Sale

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