When you think of driving somewhere most people don't take into consideration what roads are the safest. or what route is the easiest. it's usually what road will be the quickest way from point A to point B.

What is also taken into consideration is what road will be the least traveled at whatever time you want to set out on your drive; whether it's a commute or if you are setting out on some sort of a road trip.  And in this area, a lot of people will do a "stay-cation" and just go somewhere within the state of Minnesota.  Like taking a trip to Northern Minnesota for a snowmobile or fishing trip. or spending a week at a cabin on a lake in Northern Minnesota.

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If you are heading North, there are a few routs that you can take depending on where your destination is; generally Hwy 10, or I-94, with some branch off roads to get there. One of the deadliest, or THE deadliest road in Minnesota could be on this route.

The most dangerous/deadliest road in Minnesota is Hwy 169.  Even though this road stretches through most of the state, the worst part in in Scott County.  The increase in population in that area, combined with inclement weather during the winter months have made this road the deadliest in Minnesota.  The Northern part of this road, near Onamia, has been changed to try and avoid accidents.  You now have to make a right turn, go around and basically make a U-turn to go the other way.

The second deadliest road in Minnesota is Hwy 12.

Don’t let this small stretch of highway fool you because it’s known as one of the deadliest roads in Minnesota. The constricting lanes and hidden intersections contribute to the increasing number of car accidents in Minnesota. Motorists have even experienced head-on collisions on this treacherous roadway.

In 2021 there were some improvements made to try and make the highway safer, but it's still treacherous.

The third deadliest road is I-94.

This one seems obvious because of the length of it.  Plus, it's one of the main roads in the metro area.  Many accidents and car pile-ups.  Plus, the Northern part of the state, heading to the Moorhead area, there is a lot of open areas that cause black ice and slick roads in the winter.

The fourth deadliest road is Highway 14.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation also reported, “The intersection of Hwy 14 and Olmsted Co. Rd. 3 has a fatal and injury crash rate that is more than six times higher than the statewide average.”

The fifth deadliest road in Minnesota is Hwy 10.

Snow and rain contribute to slick road conditions and result in fatal car accidents. Inclement weather has caused closures to reduce accidents and ensure motorists’ safety. Several projects are scheduled to improve road conditions and reduce accidents on US Highway 10 in Minnesota.

So, now that you know which roads are the most dangerous, you can take some extra precautions when driving.  But, as with any road in this part of the country, always take extra precautions when driving in the winter.  This winter has been especially bad with the relatively warm temperatures which has created more icy roads than in a normal Minnesota winter.

Obviously things can be better in the summer months.  At least when it comes to road conditions. Then you just have to be on the look out for motorcycles, campers, trailers and RVs, and in some cases, tractors.

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