If there is one thing Minnesotans are good at, it's defending our own. Whether it is one of our losing sports teams or an abnormally large mall, we will defend the existence of anything we consider our own to any outsider who tries to bash it.

The latest thing we have had to defend is our newest Taco Bell location. Taco Bell Defy opened this week in Brooklyn Park, and it was met with a lot of praise online. The new fast food location is a totally new concept for the chain, aimed at a faster drive-thru experience and a new food delivery system.

While most seem thrilled with the new concept, there are those that are jealous and want to tear us down.

Taco Bell shared a video on Twitter of the new location opening, and it was followed by a tweet from juice brand Sunny D:

In the words of Stephanie Tanner on Full House, "how rude."

Luckily, Minnesota was able to turn off the nice for a little bit, and give Sunny D a piece of our mind:

This Tweet is probably a lot more true than any of us realize:

This tweet was a little lesson on agriculture, and a while lot of sass:

This tweet is the perfect amount of Minnesota passive-aggressive:

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When you look up "sick burn" this is the tweet that appears:

And then there is this one that called it like it really is:

With Minute Maid pledging their alliance in reply:

To make matters worse, the Manscaped brand tried chiming in with some shade:

Minnesotans were having none of that. More tweets came in shutting them down real quick:

Kris Jenner once said, "never go against the family". Minnesota is that family:

Minnesotans accept formal apologies in written form, hotdish, or a pan of bars. Plan accordingly Sunny D.

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