Universal Studios is going to have a Mario Kart experience. Like for real. My family has a trip at the end of the month to Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando so we will miss this exciting new attraction. It won’t be open until sometime in 2023. We might have to start planning a trip back to check this Mario Kart experience in a few years.

Mario Kart ride would be so much fun. I would be totally reliving my childhood memories and my kids get to bring their Nintendo Switch Mario Cart game to life. They are also planning a Yoshi’s Adventure ride which will be interesting to see what they come up with. Would we actually get to ride on Yoshi? That would be so cool. There are going to be games, rides, restaurants, and shops dedicated to Super Mario Brothers.

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They have these Super Mario Brothers bands that are known as the Power Up Bands  that you will be able to wear around your wrist. The bands help you more fully immerse yourself into the interactive experience in each Super Mario World part of Universal.

They  plan to have “floating” question mark boxes around Super Mario World, and if you are wearing a band, and jump to touch the box, it will give you that video game ping sound. That sounds awesome even to this old mom. I will feel like I am inside the video game.

Super Mario World will be at Universal Orlando and California Universal Studios. Universal is planning to open the Super Mario World at the California park in 2021 or 2022. The Orlando park is going to take just a bit longer, and it is scheduled to open sometime in 2023.

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