When people are stuck inside for an extended time, things can get weird. Surrounded by four walls, with people that you may or may not like, will test anyone's sanity. So what do we do to fight off the boredom and avoid going stir-crazy? Here's what you told us.

For this week's Survey Said, we asked you to "Name Something People Do When Quarantined?" We received a lot of answers, and if those answers are any indication of how we Minnesotans are dealing with our current situation, then we are doing many different kinds of things to keep ourselves entertained.

So what are those things? Well, to start, quarantine is driving us to drink alcohol -- A LOT. That was the number one answer, and I'm sure this surprises no one.

If you were behind on shows you've wanted to watch, the lockdown has freed up your time to catch up. Minnesotans are watching a lot more TV, both live and binge-watching on different streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. We are checking quite a few shows off our lists. By the way, that was the number two answer.

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Now someone could make the argument that those first two things are probably not the best use of our time. The good news is many folks are getting some projects around the house done and some much-needed spring cleaning. We're also cooking and baking more, which leads to the next answers on the list -- eating and over-eating.

Some Minnesotans seem to be having all kinds of fun as well. We got a few responses for more enjoyable activities like sex or "making babies," as some of you put it: playing video games, and board games.

And finally, the lockdown is making us irritated. One person said, "argue with a spouse," another said, "go crazy," and a couple of people said, "complain.lots of complaining." Something many of us has done at some point.

Thank you to everyone who answered this week's question. Next Friday's Survey Said question is ready for you to answer.

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