I am sure you have seen the new video all over the news and social media that was released from an incident last May when a Portland Oregon high school student brought a shotgun to school with the intent to kill himself.

There was security video from Parkrose High School shows the school’s security guard and football coach hug the gunman. A security camera showed coach Keanon Lowe in the building and then Granados-Diaz in a long black jacket.

The scary part of that video was watching the students running out of the classrooms, down the hallways and out the doors to safety. Running for their lives. Literally.  Makes my heart sink into my chest just watching the situation unfold. I just thought about how scary that would be for those students. Coming from a mom standpoint, that is one of my biggest fears with sending my children off to school everyday.

Lowe enters a classroom, and then moments later, Granados-Diaz does as well.

Lowe then calmly steps out into the hallway with the shotgun and hands it off to another staff member as he hugs the student who was just armed with a shotgun.

Lowe has said he felt compassion for the teen in that moment.

Earlier this month, Granados-Diaz, who is now 19 years old, pleaded guilty to two charges and was sentenced to three years of probation. The district attorney’s office said as part of the deal, he will receive immediate mental health and substance abuse treatment.

I just imagine how differently this would have turned out if shots were fired and students were injured or even killed. Keanon Lowe was in the right place at the right time. He is being recognized as a hero around the world. A real life hero. Who knows what the outcome would have been if he would not have been there at that time. School will never be the same for his classmates. Just glad no one was hurt.


Source: ABC News




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