Ever wonder what animal is most likely to kill a person in Minnesota? Wide Open Country shared that exact information based on data from the CDC.

In Minnesota, the top animal-related cause of death was being bitten or struck by larger mammals.

When it comes to animal-related deaths in Minnesota, nothing holds a candle to the white-tailed deer. And it's not like they are charging at people while they are minding their own business, it's mostly due to car collisions. Deer-involved crashes count for more than 120 deaths annually in America. The Minnesota DPS collects data on this every year, and in 2019 there were ​1,263 deer-vehicles collisions and three were fatal, while 19 ended with serious injuries. Luckily those numbers were down from previous years.

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Top 5 Deadliest Animals:

Photo: RyanVincePhotography Via Thinkstock

1. Deer - 120 deaths annually in America


2. Bees/Wasps/Hornets - 58 deaths annually in America

Photo by Carly Mackler on Unsplash

3. Dogs - 28 deaths annually in America

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4. Cow - 20 deaths annually in America

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5. Horse - 20 deaths annually in America

As always, common sense and caution around unfamiliar animals is always your best bet when it comes to animal safety.

Overall I consider Minnesotans very lucky, we don't have to worry about poisonous insects and reptiles trying to kill us like other states in the country. They can keep their scorpions and alligators, we will deal with keeping an extra cautious eye out for deer and wielding a bee swatter in the summer months.

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