Nobody is a fan of going to the dentist - especially me. I was genetically 'gifted' with soft teeth. I have sat (laid) in a dentist chair more times than I would like to think about.

Let's just say that my mouth has had a lot of different fingers in it.

It's not because I don't brush (I do) or floss (I do) or eat a lot of junk food (I don't). It's a gene's thing, and that's a fact. My wife has hard but crooked teeth, and I have soft but straight teeth. Our son got the best of both of us, and our daughter got the worst.

She and I must get our regularly scheduled cleanings. Our last one was supposed to be months ago. Then COVID hit and shut that down. I finally got one set up, and I was nervous for us. How bad would it be?

Turns out, not too bad. My daughter had no issues, and I had a minor one.

But that got me thinking -- since I'm such a 'frequent flyer' to the dentist office -- what are the things I hate the most about going to the dentist.

Five Worst Things You'll See At The Dentist

The Chair

Just seeing that chair is enough to give people anxiety.

Photo David Black


The Spreader

I think that's what it's called. Doesn't matter. It's a chunk of metal in your mouth. And if it's in there, it's probably not for a good reason.

Photo David Black

The Scary Drill

It spins and makes an awful grinding noise. I'm not a fan.

Photo David Black

The X-Ray and that Plastic Thing

I hate that plastic thing. I warn the hygienist, that they better be quick with that x-ray or I might gag all over it, me and the dentist chair I'm sitting in.

Photo David Black


The Even Scarier Drill

This has a high-pitched, almost Terminator-like sound. Plus, there's that light, which seems to make it worse.

Photo David Black


Novacane Shot

Now, this is the worst. I hate the novocaine shot -- that pinch followed by the numbing of your mouth. Talking and eating and drinking are very difficult. And the feeling takes hours to go away.

Photo David Black

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Okay, to be fair, I found five good things. This wasn't easy.

Five Good Things You'll See at the dentist.

The Cleaning Instruments

They look scary, but they're not bad, and I love how my teeth feel after a cleaning.

Photo David Black

The Polisher

This goes along with the cleaning instruments and makes your teeth look and feel better.

Photo David Black

The Gas

Don't like the novocaine shot either?  This is always a better option.

Photo David Black

The Staff

I love the staff at my dentist's office—a very nice group.

Photo David Black


The Door

It's better to be leaving than entering the dentist I always say.

Photo David Black


A big thanks to the staff at Kron and Erlandson for letting me take pictures of the things they put in my mouth.


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