When it comes to negative, depressing situations. I typically handle them by going to the humorous side of things. I'm usually the "too soon?" guy.

Now that you know and hopefully understand that, here's my "COVID-19 Progression" playlist. It's a 19 song playlist about how it's a normal, happy world and you're healthy, the world starts getting crazy, you get sick and then you're healthy again.

  1. R.E.M - "Shiny Happy People"
  2. Phil Collins – “In The Air Tonight”
  3. Tears For Fears – “Mad World”
  4. Rick Springfield – “Don’t Talk To Strangers”
  5. Police – “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”
  6. Georgia Satellites – “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”
  7. MC Hammer – “U Can’t Touch This”
  8. Michael Jackson – “The Way You Make Me Feel”
  9. Beastie Boys – “Time To Get Ill”
  10. Belinda Carlisle – I Get Weak”
  11. Berlin – “Take My Breath Away”
  12. Duncan Shiek – “Barely Breathing”
  13. Tom Petty - "You Don't Know How It Feels"
  14. Billy Idol – “Dancing With Myself”
  15. The Bangles – “In Your Room”
  16. Howard Jones – “Things Can Only Get Better”
  17. Bee Gees – “Stayin’ Alive”
  18. James Brown – “I Feel Good”
  19. George Michael - "Freedom"