Over the last couple of days, we have talked about the plans for 2020 with the Minnesota Twins and Major League Baseball (nothing). We’ve also talked about the Minnesota Wild and the National Hockey League (solid).

As of right now, Major League Baseball does not have any kind plan because they can’t even come to any sort of agreement if they’re going to play at all this year. The National Hockey League's plan is a pretty decent one as far as trying to finish a season that was so rudely interrupted by that stupid COVID.

Up next: the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The NBA has got a plan as well. But it doesn't sound like a good on to me. To put it, in a nutshell, they want the players to go to Florida and play all the games in 'shell.' That being the Walt Disney World Resort. It's been nicknamed the Orlando Bubble.

The NBA is back, with a 22-team format in Orlando starting July 31st. - Mackenzie Salmon

That would mean the Minnesota Timberwolves season would be over. But it was pretty much over anyway.

Watch the video yourself see if you think this is a good plan.


If that seemed confusing, then maybe this will help.


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