I've always found it strange that people order steak well done. It doesn't make sense to me that someone would want to deny themselves the flavor that comes from a medium rare steak.

But according to a survey, well done is the most popular way to order steaks in this country. At least medium rare was second.

  • 24%: Well Done
    23%: Medium Rare
    16%: Medium-Well
    13%: Medium
    11%: Rare
    2%:  Blue Rare (really rare)

When asked why they like it well done, a lot of people say they're worried about bacteria in rare beef.

But that doesn't really apply to steak. It applies to meat that's been minced like burgers. They should always be cooked well done.

Having your steak cooked well done is denying yourself the flavor of steak. You are basically throwing your money away. Why spend $20 - $30 on a steak, have it cooked well done and then add ketchup. You might as well save your money and buy a cheap steak because the flavor from a high end steak is gone.

But what do I know. It's all subjective. Eat your steak however you want.

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