I honestly can't tell if this is real, or if this guy just wanted media attention, but I find it disturbing for some reason. Maybe because it has to do with bartering and children...

The Craigslist ad, posted in the "Barter" section, is simply titled "Daddy day care" and the description is below:

I am home every weekday and I could watch one child (other than Colton, FYI he is 15 months). My hours that I am availible are M-F 9-3. You could pay me but ideally you would watch Colton, after I watch your child of coarse, preferably on the weekends. We could work out a baby sitting hour exchange system. The other option is, if you weigh between 80-150 lbs and only need baby sitting 1-2 times a weeks please just walk on my back.

Let's break this down...

It starts out normal, offering daycare from a male parent, that's cool. Your child could have a play buddy while he's at home. After that it starts to get too much to handle!

No pay required if you'll watch his son on the weekend. Kind of an "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" scenario. It's creative I guess! Maybe he works weekends and needs a sitter. Who's to say that, even IF somebody was willing to do this deal, that they'd be any good as a baby sitter for a 15-month old.

The final part takes the cake -- Trade daycare for walking on his back. I want to assume that he needs chiropractic care, which then would lead me to wonder if he can keep up with two toddlers with that bad back. Is it a fetish or something? I'm a little weirded out as there's no explanation to that need, or desire. I can also assume he's hoping for a female parent to make this deal.

Maybe I'm looking too much into this, but I can definitely say this is by far the oddest thing I've seen on the St. Cloud area Craigslist that wasn't in the "personals" section! It's been up for nearly a month now, if that says anything.

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