Cyber Monday is getting bigger and bigger every year. And it's no surprise why. No crazy crowds, you don't have to get up super early and you can shop in the comfort of your nice, warm house...and in your underwear.

Online shopping typically has site-wide discounts as opposed to just specific items. But it can have it's issues. A recent poll of 2,000 people, found the top things that will make you not buy an item after we've added it to your shopping cart . . .

  • Shipping costs are to high.
  • That "discount code" you planned to use doesn't seem to work.
  • You find out it won't get to your house quick enough
  • After you enter your credit card something goes wrong and you have to re-enter it again.  That leads to second guessing yourself about the purchase, or you just don't feel like entering it again.
  • Same as the last one but it happens with your shipping address.


That survey also reveals that we end up dumping 58% of the items we put in the shopping carts over the course of the year. Once an item is in our shopping cart, it only takes seconds for us to second guess ourselves about it.