This game's fast, fun and funny; we were in stitches!

My wife and I have had a game sitting un-played in our game box called Really Bad Art. This past weekend, we finally unwrapped it and had a go with my sisters and a friend...and had an absolute blast!

Wonder Forge via Amazon
Wonder Forge via Amazon

Really Bad Art falls somewhere between Pictionary's speed drawing and Balderdash's communal best-guessing. During each round, each player draws a card with two words or phrases on it (ie. "quality of life", "constructive criticism", or "yikes!" ...the purple word/phrase is easy, the yellow word/phrase is hard). Each player looks at the word on his/her card of the agreed-upon color, then has just six seconds to draw a representation of it. Once the six seconds end, the cards are randomly exposed, and each player tries to guess who's drawing matches with which word/phrase. The first player to gain the most points -- by correctly matching others' drawings and by other people correctly matching their drawing) and reach the end of the game board wins!

We started by drawing the purple/easy words and phrases first and found that it -- even with just six seconds to draw -- it was actually pretty easy to guess which drawing matched with which card. If it weren't for my sister Annabeth getting a one-point lead during the first game, all five of us would have won at the same time! After two games using the purple words/phrases, we switched to the yellow words/phrases for a more competitive, harder game.

The fun of the game is in trying to draw something difficult in just six seconds and then the guessing that follows. I remember one round in which my card read "High Spirits;" I drew an arrow pointing up followed by a ghost. After the six seconds were up and the drawings were all exposed, my other sister Abigail pointed and laughed "Up ghost!"

Really Bad Art lived up to its name, but was really fun to play. I highly suggest getting this for your holiday get-togethers this year or even gifting it to the game-loving person in your family! It's going for just $16.99 on Amazon.