This is one lucky kid!  When I was a kid, I only had two toys, a rock and a stick. I could only have one at a time, so when I got tired of the stick my parents would put it away and give me the rock. This kids story is much happier.

Currently, his dad, Minnesota State Patrol Trooper Garrison Elsenpeter is a member of the Minnesota National Guard is deployed and his 6 month old son is ready to take over and cover for him while he's gone.

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According to the Minnesota State Patrol Facebook page his mom is making sure that while is dad in gone on deployment she's "working hard to make sure his 6-month-old son is properly equipped and ready to take his dad's place on the road,"

All little kids look up to their dad's and want to grow up to be just like them and it looks like this young lad is well on his way to doing just that.  I'm not sure this young guy is even fully aware of how cool this Minnesota State Patrol replica kid's car really is.

Whoever designed this little car did a fantastic job. The maroon and white with the official emblem of the Minnesota State Patrol is pretty cool and I'm sure any kid that age would love one. This is one State Patrol cruiser I could probably outrun but who would want to?


A big shout out and thank you to his dad, Minnesota State Trooper Garrison Elsenpeter.  Not only for his service with the State Patrol but also his service in the Minnesota National Guard.

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