Well brace yourself, a nationally televised morning show is heading to the Twin Cities this week, and they are apparently hungry! Good Morning America is searching for the best pizza and they are stopping by the Twin Cities on Wednesday, hoping to leave with a national contender. But where are they going to go?


The post from Good Morning America reads "Where is the best PIZZA in the Twin Cities? Wednesday morning, Good Morning America is LIVE in the Twin Cities in search of the best pizza in America! So, will GMA be at your favorite pizza place? Watch ABC’s Good Morning America this Wednesday morning at 7am on ABC 5."

I saw a post on social media about Good Morning America coming to Minnesota this week, and I was a little surprised. The show is searching for the best pizza in America, and the hope is Minnesota can field a contender, but where are they going to go for a slice?

I mean you've got Mama's Pizza in St. Paul, that's old-school authentic pizza, it's not a chain but it's legit. Then there is the pizza I was raised on, literally, my mom managed a few stores when I was growing up, Davanni's. I get that the chain didn't work out up here in St. Cloud, but to me, their deep dish is about as authentic as you can get.

Maybe Red Savoy's gets added to the mix, do they exclude frozen pizzas? Minnesota has several locally-based frozen pizza companies, think Heggies. I mean there are other options for pizza, but those are the ones that stand out to me.

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What pizza place should Good Morning America try? Let me know in the comments, or send us a message on our app!

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