You never know what you may find on Craiglist.

Like free stuff? Here's some of the oddest things listed as free on Craiglist in the St. Cloud area:

1. Cassette Tapes

Mike via Craiglist

If you like your music on cassette, then Mike's got a bunch of (mostly Christian) tapes for you! From Michael W. Smith and Don Francisco to David Meece and Promise Keepers, these are sure to be a blast to the past!

2. Woodworking Magazines

Taken up woodworking in 2020? Mike (cassette tape Mike?) has a bunch of woodworking magazines from titles such as WOOD, ShopNotes, Woodsmith, Handyman. If nothing else, they'll make for good bonfire starter materials this fall. They're in St. Stephen if you want them.

3. Acorns

via Craigslist

We're not really sure what you can do with acorns (eat them? plant them? feed them to your...squirrels?). But if you need some, someone in St. Cloud has four buckets worth they raked up.

4. Camper, Trailer, Shed and Outhouse

via Craigslist
via Craigslist
via Craigslist
via Craigslist

Ready for a place of your own but can't afford it? Well, you're in luck! A listing in Little Falls is giving away, a camper, a trailer home, an outhouse/storage shed combo and a woodshed all for FREE! They're in rough shape (the wall of something...maybe the outhouse...looks like it's splattered in blood...or maybe paint), but they're yours if you want them! First come, first served.

5. Sailboat

via Craigslist

What's a Minnesotan in the Land of 10,000 Lakes without a boat? That's like a cowboy in Oklahoma without a horse. Koronis Ministries south of Paynesville has a sailboat they're giving away for free. More accurately, it's a potential sailboat -- most of the wood is rotted, but the fiberglass hull looks good still, the listing says. If you're a real DIY kind of person, here's a great fixer-upper project for you!

Check out the full listing of Craigslist items listed for free in the St. Cloud area here.

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