It was 35 years ago this week that Ronald Reagan was the President Of The United States and was in the process of seeking reelection. The movie "Ghostbusters" was in the middle of a seven week run as the number one movie in the country The summer Olympics were a month away and Prince released the album "Purple Rain" (his biggest album ever). The song "When Doves Cry" was just entering the top ten that week and would go on to become the number one song for the entire month of July . These were the top 10 songs for the week:

1. Duran Duran - "The Reflex"

2. Cyndi Lauper - "Time After Time"

3. Denise Williams - "Let's Hear It For The Boy"

4. Bruce Springsteen - "Dancing In The Dark"

5. Laura Branigan - "Self Control"

6. Huey Lewis & The News - "The Heart Of Rock & Roll"

7. The Pointer Sisters - "Jump (For My Love)"

8. Prince - "When Doves Cry"

9. Steve Perry - "Oh Sherrie"

10. Billy Idol - "Eyes Without A Face"