Well, unfortunately, St. Cloud, Minnesota isn't on this list... but I do feel like maybe it should be.  We are getting quite a few more breweries in the area.  And they are producing good beer and a fun atmosphere.


But, until they get a clue and notice this area, these are the top cities for beer lovers:

Asheville, North Carolina, with a ratio of 28 breweries for every 100,000 residents.  

The rest of the top 10 are:

Portland, Maine 

Bend, Oregon 

Kalamazoo, Michigan 

Boulder, Colorado 

Vista, California 

Leesburg, Virginia 

Greenville, South Carolina 

Fort Collins, Colorado 

and Pensacola, Florida. 

I have some friends who live in Colorado, and yes, their beer game in strong there.  But seriously, St. Cloud and down to the metro, really no slouches.