I don't know how much sleep you get every night but I usually get about six hours a night, seven on a good night, five on a bad. That's during the week. Weekends, of course, are different most of the time. I usually get a solid 8 hours.

So that means I typically do not get a good nights sleep. And that seems to be the normal for just about everyone. According to a survey, the average person only gets seven really good nights of sleep every month.


The survey found the top signs you got a bad night of sleep.  Here they are:

  1. You yawn all morning/day
  2. Your productivity is lower
  3. You're in a bad mood during the day
  4. You hit he snooze button multiple times
  5. You slept through the alarm
  6. You can't seem to focus
  7. You have headaches (you also could be dehydrated)
  8. You skip some of your morning routine (hopefully you didn't skip brushing your teeth)
  9. You don't look your best
  10. You can't keep your eyes open




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