Town festival season is just around the corner, and a favorite in the area is Waite Park Family Fun Fest. After being canceled for the past couple of years due to the COVID pandemic, the event will finally be happening in 2022.

Waite Park Family Fun Fest will be running from June 6th - 10th and feature events like a medallion hunt, a disc golf tournament, pickle ball open house, kids events, a bike rodeo, a movie in the park, and the return of quarry tours at Martin Marietta.

The Martin Marietta open house is an incredible opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the operational quarry. This event will take place on June 9th from 1-5PM. Guests meet at the public works building to get on the bus for the drive-through tour. Donations of $1 are being asked for the tour and all proceeds will go back to the Waite Park Family Fun Fest event.

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I got to go on this tour a handful of years ago when it was being held for Waite Park Family Fun Fest. It was so cool to see behind the giant mounds of earth I had seen from the road my whole life. What really surprised me was the color of the water in some of the quarries, the photo above is from the last tour I went on and hasn't been edited in any way. The water was actually that color. My husband and dad have always wanted to see the quarry too, so I'll have to make sure they know this tour is happening again this year.

Get more information on Waite Park Family Fun Fest here. 

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