5 continents, 5 tours, 50 days. Interested?

Tour Radar is sending two people on an all-expenses paid trip around the world. And it's worth more than 22 thousand dollars per person! The catch? You have to travel with a complete stranger.

A film crew will be along, documenting everything you do. So if privacy is your thing, this might not be the trip for you. I'm thinking I would be okay with an invasion of privacy to be able to travel to 5 continents and experience different places and cultures.

London? Africa? Greece? Where would you like to go?

Cindy Wear
Cindy Wear

You must be able to travel this spring/summer, have a passport that is valid through January of 2020, be 18 by the time they choose the winners, and you'll have to submit a video. You can learn more, and do that here.

If you win, send us a postcard!