Lynyrd Skynyrd is doing a farewell tour.  We have heard this before... but this time it is for real.  The upside is that we are going to have 2 chances to see them right here in Minnesota this coming Summer.

Both of these performances will be in July.  Busy month!  The first one will be at Treasure Island casino in Welch, Minnesota.  If you cannot make it to that show, or if you want to see them as much as possible, you will have another chance at Moondance Jam in Walker, Minnesota.


This is happening the same weekend.  Could be a huge Skynyrd weekend, if you play your cards right.  See what I did there?  Tickets for Moondance Jam are available now.  And those will go up in price closer to the show- so best to buy as early as possible.

It's Minnesota.  We generally have a small window of opportunity to get everything done that we want to do outside.  So wheels up!  Let's plan on having a ton of fun with some great music all Summer long.

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