Here we go, another mask issue. Earlier in the year, everything was shut down, as we all know.  That included ride share companies.  Mostly because no one really needed one, so it didn't make sense to keep them going.  Now, they're back. But they are back with some restrictions.

When UBER announced that they would be taking riders again, they made the policy that both the driver and the rider would be required to wear a mask during the ride to the destination.  Obviously, this didn't sit well with everyone.  There will always be people who think they can ignore the policies and do whatever they want as "their right". But these cars are the personal property of the drivers.  They are contracted through UBER and need to adhere to the policies of UBER in order to keep their jobs.

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There have been a handful of people who have been banned or removed from UBER for violating the mask policy.  This has been a policy since May.  Most people do adhere to the policy, but not everyone.  So now, they have another step that people are going to have to take. This is mostly just for the people who have violated it in the past, but it could become the norm.

"If we do have people who are still violating the policy, we want to be able to verify them with an extra step," Uber's senior director of product management, Sachin Kansal, told ABC News. "And if they're not wearing a mask, they will not be able to take a ride."

The person requesting the ride will have to send a selfie before ordering the ride-share.  Prior to this, there was a checklist that the person ordering would have to complete before that ride would be ordered.  This is now an extra step.

...when riders with past violations attempt to request a ride, they will be asked by the app to take a selfie. According to Uber, the software can even detect whether or not the rider's mask is pulled up above his or her nose.

If you are worried about UBER using the selfies and other information for something else, you can rest easy.  UBER says they only keep the picture and information for 4 days.  And the reason for the 4 days is in case there is a complaint, they still have the rider info for reference.