Earlier this week, we reported on the shocking find of a hidden stash of Hamm's beer and Godzilla Heads bubble gum in a Washington state public library.

We held a personal interest in the story, of course, as Hamm's was originally a Minnesota brewery based out of St. Paul. Now, there's an update to the story. While the owner of the 30-year old cache has remained a mystery -- and, we assumed, would remain so -- Hamm's is now asking the owner of the sneaky stash to step forward and claim a reward.

"Did you hear about the Hamm’s stash that’s been hiding in a Washington library since the 1980s?" the historic beer brand posted on Facebook. "We’re on a mission to find the owner. Prove that the 30-year-old Hamm’s were yours and there might be a special surprise in it for you."

Hamm's Beer via Facebook
Hamm's Beer via Facebook

Turns out, that "special surprise" is a pretty big prize -- a gift card for 30 cases of Hamm's beer, one for every year the guilty party has been missing their beer! If that person happens to be you, simply send proof to Hamm's over social media to claim your prize! Read the original story as told by us here.

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