There are many reason to be proud to be number one...or even number two...heck even number three can be something to brag about in a lot of categories. This is not one of them.

When it comes to getting drunk, the United States of America is number two in the world.  That's right. We get sh*t faced better than anyone else on the planet. Well...almost. The only place that does it better than us is the United Kingdom. But when they say the UK that includes Scotland and Ireland. So really, we are #1! Again...this is not something to brag about.


American's get drunk on average of 50 times a year. That comes out to almost one time a week. That's the average. Meaning that some don't ever get drunk and some people get drunk way to much. This was based on a global survey of 124,000 people.

The worldwide average is 33 days.  So we Americans get drunk about 50% more than most of the world. So on that note...CHEERS!

Here is the list of countries that get drunk the most:

  1. U.K...51 days a year
  2. U.S...50
  3. Canada,...48
  4. Australia...47
  5. Denmark...42
  6. India...41
  7. Ireland...41
  8. Mexico...38
  9. Czech Republic...37
  10. Finland...35


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