Nothing says 'Halloween' better than a day trip out to ValleySCARE! It's a Minnesota theme park that gets a spooky twist in the fall! If you're a lover of all things fall, harvest and Halloween, you definitely want to add ValleySCARE to your Minnesota bucket list. Here are five things you should know before you go!

1. ValleySCARE isn't just for teens and adults. There are fun family friendly activities to do during the daytime. One of those activities includes The Great Pumpkin Fest on Saturdays and Sundays through Halloween. They've got 'not so scary' activities for kids like; rides, live entertainment, Great Pumpkin Parade, Chateau Tours, and more.

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2. For those who like the scary side of Halloween, there's the Halloween Haunt. That features; mazes, scare zones, shows and rides. More than 300 spooky creatures and monsters will be lurking. Attractions include; Berserkers Unleashed, Mr. Cleaver's Bloodshed, The Chateau, Blood on the Boundary Waters, Carnevil: Ringmaster's Revenge, MaSCAREade,  Undertakers and Zombie High.

3. If you're someone who isn't into the spooky side of Halloween but you still want a fun nighttime experience, check out Pumpkin Promenade! It features an illuminated path of pumpkins varying in shapes and sizes. Make sure to bring your camera with you!

4. If you plan on attending any of the events, you must make a reservation ahead of time. It's part of their COVID-19 safety protocol.

5. Admission varies. Fall daytime and Haunt admission is $35 per person. If you'd like to buy a two day ticket, it's $55. Fall Bring-A-Friend tickets start at $19.99. The Park 'n Play tickets are $35.

You can find out more information on ValleySCARE's website! Happy spooky season!

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