We posed this question on Facebook. Who was going to win today and by how many points? As expected, there were a wide variety of answers. Here's a list of some of them.

Quite a few said the 49ers would win and win big.

San Fran by 14

- Lean Witthuhn

27-10 San Fran

- Rick Hi-Rung

37-17 San Fran

- Jason Christopher


Most people are said the Vikings would win by single digits.

Vikings 27 - 24

- Kim Tretter

Vikings by 3

- Rick Sura

My prediction on another page was 21-17 Vikes.

- Rene Krueger

17-14 Vikings

- Ryan Christoffel

Vikes by 1! Go get it!

- Jeff Janssen


And few of you said the Vikings would win in a blowout.

27-9 Vikings.
San Fran had an easy schedule including several all but automatic wins. Browns, Cards (2), Redskins, Panthers, Bucs, Bengals

- Bill Biggerstaff

Vikings 34-20

- Matt Psyk


Not surprisingly, the majority picked the purple to win. Hopefully, the masses are right. Check out all the responses here. SKOL VIKINGS!



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