This is super cool, and for a great cause, but you better act fast if you'd like a chance at getting the best stuff.

Target Center announced the arena will host a skyway garage sale.  What exactly is that?  Well, it will consist of posters, memorabilia, and other keepsakes from a variety of concerts and events that have been held at Target Center.

Target Center

Where does the great cause come in?  This whole thing will benefit YouthLink.  It's a Warehouse District non-profit that connects young people in the area that may be experiencing homelessness with some basic needs support as well as some long term services.

When is this happening?  Thursday, May 16th from 4-6pm and Friday, May 17th from 8-10am.  The skyway is located at 600 North First Avenue, downtown Minneapolis.  They will accept cash and credit cards.  And remember... the proceeds are for YouthLink and their mission.

Some examples of items that are for sale include: Custom Concert poster artwork from local Minneapolis artist Amelia LaBarron, WWE ringside chair, backstage custom artist welcome signs too.  There will be a whole lot more than this as well.

If you have a chance to cruise to the Minneapolis area in the next 2 days... you might want to at least stop by and see what's available.