To some people, once Labor Day has come summer is over, other people go by temperature, meaning as long as it's still warm and comfortable outside to them it's still summer. Others might take a calendar approach and follow the meteorological dates for the seasons. But for some Central Minnesotans summer is known to have arrived when Motley's Silo Ice Cream Parlor is open, and guess what it's not closed it's still summer!

If you've never been to Motley, or have ever heard of the Olde Tyme Trading Post and Silo Ice Cream, you can follow them on Facebook here, it's a combination of antiques, oddities, and of course ice cream. The building is a can't miss, located on Highway 10 in the southern portion of Motley, it features an old silo with a ice cream cone sign, a statue of a horse on one side of the silo, and then an older red awning with space for tables underneath.

Image Credit Google Maps
Image Credit Google Maps

The ice cream parlor portion of the business offers up cones, malts, and shakes made from Kemps Ice Cream. A featured flavor gets posted to a yellow outdoor sign, so you've got the 'scoop' on what is unique that day or week at the Olde Tyme Trading Post.

The good news if you've never been to the 'silo' for ice cream is that they are still open for the season, but the bad news is that time is running out as they usually close up in October so now is the time to check it out.

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