Comedian Mike Feeney has been doing his 'Welcome To..." series on TikTok for a few months and he finally got around to doing Minneapolis. The reaction to the video has been pretty good with folks from the #BoldNorth appreciating the effort put into the video that seems to be based on strange but true Minnesota memes. Check it out.


@iammikefeeney Replying to @quickpickel Welcome To Minneapolis! Did you know Prince is from here??? 🙃 #minneapolis #minnesota #vikings #prince #hotdish #mallofamerica #comedy #fyp ♬ original sound - Mike Feeney

Feeney has done videos for several US Cities on his TikTok page, there are videos for New York, Seattle, St. Louis, San Fransisco, and Philly to name a few. Being a New York-based comedian I wondered a little about the accuracy of the material, but for the most part, he hit on our way of life pretty perfectly. Take into consideration the 4-way stop, truly a Minnesota Stand-Off with seemingly no one wanting to go first.

He hit on the weather, tater tot hotdish, our non-welcoming welcoming nature for non-Minnesotans, and a Minnesota Nice response to joining his friend at the Mall of America.

The only part that got to me was Feeney referring to the Mall of America as the MOO-AH, what is that?

For fans of Feeney, I mean I did chuckle at a few of his videos, you can follow him on TikTok by heading here, just don't expect him to wait at a 4-way stop in Minnesota.

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