It's not often that you get this great of a video to watch Eagles in the wild, and wild they can be! This is an amazing video that 'Voyageurs Wolf Project' put up recently, of eagles fighting over fish carcasses.

Have you ever seen a video of eagles fighting like this? Actually, they seem to have respect for each other, as they don't appear to peck at each other. Is it all about the wing span? The flight in? Watch the video and see what you think.



Do bald eagles typically show aggressive behavior towards each other? According to eagles.org, the answer is no. They usually live in harmony; unless they fight over territory, or it's nesting season. They prefer to give each other warnings than to fight. Sometimes you will see them locking their talons in the air. This can be played between younger eagles, and sometimes it is a fight over territory and can fall to their death.



You will sometimes see eagles carrying branches, and there can be a few reasons for this. Sometimes the young are practicing carrying prey; it can also be that eagles are using those branches to build their nests.


You can watch for eagles in the wild on the EagleCam, which, in the past, has been over an eagle's nest that was destroyed last year when the tree the large nest was built in, fell. This year, you can watch the whole area for eagles by clicking on the video below.

Minnesota DNR/YouTube

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