Here are some of the best viral video's for the week of January 12th, 2020.

The Green "Hulk" Puppy:
It's not actual green fur. It's stain from the birth sack and should fade over time.


A Wolf Pup Howls For The First Time:
This is surely the cutest video of the week.


Too Tight For Toilet:
A hotel room after it had recently gone through a renovation. Just one problem, the new oval toilet doesn't allow the door to close. This is a couple years old but it's going around again.


Grandma Saves Base Jumper:
BASE jumping can put you in some precarious spots as this one found out. Good thing an older lady was there to help. BASE jumping is dangerous not only for the person doing it but for others as well. Thus why it's illegal pretty much everywhere.

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Cheeky Toddler Interrupts Mom's Video:
A three-year old boy does what young boys do and let's one go in front of his moms video camera.

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