RICE -- Due to concerns over COVID-19, one local business is making some changes to an event they normally hold every fall.

In lieu of their annual art and craft fair, Old Creamery Café in Rice is hosting weekend craft and vendor markets every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from now through the end of September.

Owner Sarah Larson says when they proposed the multi-weekend model to regular vendors, the interest was there.

We for a while had thought about doing something similar to this - setting up some sort of market. This year just kind of seemed like the perfect time to take that opportunity. We have a lot of local crafters and vendors who like to participate and when we broached the subject they were interested in the opportunity being that so many other shows were canceled this year.

Each weekend will include a maximum of about 25 vendors to allow for social distancing. The hours are flexible for each vendor but will closely follow the restaurant’s regular business hours.

Larson says each weekend will look a little different.

Each weekend we have a different list of vendors that are going to be participating. So that's kind of the other interesting thing and we're hoping that people will make it part of their weekend plans to just check it out every weekend to see who else is there.

There is no cost to attend and parking is available on site. There are still openings for interested vendors looking to participate.

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