The CDC and federal government now recommends that people wear non-medical masks if you plan to go out in public. But from what we've been seeing in the news, it seems any kind of mask is not that easy to come by - not that I've actually tried to buy any. Plus, when it comes to medical masks - REAL medical personal - REALLY need them.

But why buy masks when you're already stuck at home and can make them anyway? Sewing or non-sewing. You probably have some time on your hands and need something to do.

And that's exactly what we did. Well, not me. That's what my wife and daughter did - okay, more like my wife did.

Mask 1


Leah brought back those old sewing skills of hers - and sort of like trying to ride a bike that you haven't ridden in 25+ years (with a lot more contraptions to worry about) - she nailed it, and now we have masks for the whole family...just in case we need them. And really, it gave her something to do.

Here's the video Leah watched to learn how to make our masks.

After doing four of them, she does have some suggestions. First of all, the size they say in the video is good for taller people (5' 9" +). For medium size people, cut it down an inch. And for smaller people (kids size), cut about two inches from the original size (two from fabric and two from elastic)

Notice my daughter's and my wife's is too big. They happened to be made first (bonus for me and my son I guess). Lesson's were learned and we hope you can apply them to your mask making project.

Mask 2



Here's the thing about wearing them. They're NOT to protect you from getting COVID-19, a mask isn't going to necessarily protect you from getting the COVID-19 coronavirus. It's about you spreading it to others.

Anyone of us may be carriers and not only be unaware of it -- but never actually suffer from it. Wearing a mask can actually help prevent the spread, if any of us is indeed carrying the virus.

It's not like I actually go out much -- so I don't see myself in many situations that would require me to wear this - but at least I have one in case I run into a herd of people.

Please continue to follow social distancing protocol and continue to 'Stay at Home' as much as you can. Good luck and stay healthy!

Here's some other links to make masks:JOANN Craft Stores (without sewing machine), Deaconess or many others on YouTube.

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