We just bought a house. I feel blessed that not only did my family and I find a house we love and can look forward to making future family memories in it -- but that the house was actually still available (and it almost wasn't).

That seems to be the current state of real estate in the St. Cloud market. It's luck and timing. Last week I told you about our agent Nora and what she thought of the current housing market.

Based on the activity I am experiencing it is still heating up with acreage and lake shore properties the highest in demand and with the lowest inventory.  These properties are always in multiple offers and usually sell for over listing price. - Nora Job


Based on the fact that there are only so many acreage and lakeshore properties available, people will move on to what is the next best thing.

Here's what she thinks about the future of the central Minnesota housing market.

If I had a crystal ball...The pandemic will certainly play a part in the near future with the return to school.  I do have a few clients who are currently looking for a larger home in order to create a "home school" space.  Some of these clients are going to home school their own children while a few others are going to need space to home school their children plus those of friends and neighbors.  I do believe the trend for acreage and lake shore will continue as long as the fear of another possible lock down is among us and/or the de-funding of police precincts unfolds into other cities. - Nora Job / Beyond Real Estate Group at Edina Realty
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