If you give me a choice of a bar or a brewery, I'll take the brewery everyday of the week. There's nothing better, at least to me.

For this HouseMethod.com compared only data on breweries within their respective state. So what's the most popular brewery in Minnesota? Here's the top 5:

  1. Surly Brewing Co. - Minneapolis
  2. August Schell Brewing Co. - New Ulm
  3. Fair State Brewing Cooperative - Minneapolis
  4. Dangerous Man Brewing Co. - Minneapolis
  5. Bent Paddle Brewing Co. - Duluth
Top Brewery By State by HouseMethod.com
Top Brewery By State by HouseMethod.com
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But HouseMethod.com went all the way to the bottom of a growler to find the top breweries in not only Minnesota, but the entire U.S. Here's what they came up with.

Top Breweries by HouseMethod.com
Top Breweries by HouseMethod.com

The #1 brewery in the United States is New Belgium Brewery Co. in Colorado. I'm not surprised by this. I lived in Colorado for almost 10 years and it's a very popular brewery. I've had many of their 'Fat Tires' in my day.

You'll notice that the list contains many Colorado breweries. It's kind of their thing. It's like breweries are on almost every street corner.

Here's how they determined the top breweries. They looked at the number of Facebook followers, number of Instagram followers, Yelp score, and number of Yelp reviews.

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